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Solar heat gain Free tools
Solar heat gain depends on many factors, you can see a brief overview with this PDF. Ever wondered how the change in the sun direction at different times of the year affects the window that you want to shade? Want to use Google maps on your computer to see sun directions at any time of year for your location? Use this free application. You can get the latest version (also iOS version) here This also requires Adobe Air (also free) Install Adobe Air first. Get Adobe Air here   You can get more information from an Australian government website here. You can see how much shading any STOBAG awning will provide at your window using the STOBAG shade planner here
Design your awning anywhere with the STOBAG App Unfortunately, not everybody has a good imagination. But that would be very helpful when planning a new shading solution for outside areas. Which colour of cloth suits the building best and which design will give you the most pleasure? The clever STOBAG app turns your Tablet or Smartphone into a creative planning studio. Download the app free of charge at the following stores: