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Free standing awnings
eürofürst has the biggest range of awnings that you can move around. Designed to cover the smallest spaces or the largest, from a tiny 2 metres wide and 3 metres total extension to a whopping 6 metres wide and 7 metres total extension and, for side privacy up to 4 metres wide and 2 metres high in a single awning.  Awnings that transform outdoor spaces into comfortable sheltered outdoor rooms so its easy to entertain friends and family, sheltered from the heat of the sun. You have the freedom of choice for the location of the awning without the need to consider the strength of available structures or the provision of electricity. Manufactured in Switzerland to be the best of European technology. Choose from: BOXMOBIL twin cassette TENDABOX awnings OMBRAMOBIL with simultaneous extension of both sides SIRO side shade for extra privacy If you need the maximum amount of covered space, mount two JUMBO  awnings back to back for 18 metres by 10 metres of retractable shade.