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Cassette awnings
eürofürst has the biggest range of folding and telescopic arm awnings that come with their own protective cassette for the fabric to ensure that the fabric life is the longest possible. When not in use the fabric is concealed to protect it from weather and dirt.  Designed to cover the smallest spaces or the largest, from a tiny 1.5 to a whopping 4 metres extension and up to an amazing 18 metres wide in a single awning. Awnings that transform outdoor spaces into comfortable sheltered outdoor rooms so its easy to entertain friends and family, sheltered from the heat of the sun. Manufactured in Switzerland to be the best of European technology. Choose from MESABOX with patented telescopic arms RESOBOX the new awning for large spaces TENDABOX the standard choice CASABOX for smaller areas PURABOX for even smaller areas SELECT BOX semi cassette, just the fabric is enclosed All can of course be powered by electric motors and have sun, wind or rain sensor accessories.