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AUTOMATION Imagine: You have made your lounge chair comfortable. There is a cool drink waiting for you and the book you are reading is reaching its finale.  Meanwhile, the sun has made its way up into the sky and is shining relentlessly down on you. – No big deal. Just press a button on the elegant remote control and the awning extends out a bit. Your drink and your head remain cool. – That is comfort. Another example: Your family trip took a little longer than expected and you are stuck in traffic. However, local storms are forming sooner than expected. No problem. You can rely on our awning controls. The coming wind is registered by sensors, and your sun protection systems will be rolled-up. – This is comfort as well. (Folding and  Telescopic arm awnings should never be left extended when unattended - the motors cannot retract the awnings fast enough to keep them safe from wind gusts) We offer you exactly the comfort that you want from your individual awning system, from simple wind sensors to complex centralised air conditioning.